Self Clean Screen Mesh

The self-cleaning screen is made of high carbon steel wire, spring steel wire and stainless steel wire. It provides an effective solution to solve difficult problems and aggregate separation conditions such as blindness and blockage.
Self-cleaning screens can separate and screen wet and wet materials. It is widely used in separation materials in mines, quarries and other industries. It is designed with alternating straight lines and crimped wires. The curled line determines the aperture size. Straight and crimped wires are woven from bond wires that are placed directly on the longitudinal support bars.
The H mesh of the self-cleaning screen consists of several horizontal and parallel crimped lines. It looks like a herringbone pattern, which offers better dimensional control than D- and W-Grids by reducing more flats and elongation.
The H grid is ideal, but not critical, where material size is important. It turns out that this method is very effective in extremely blind screening, such as asphalt screening applications.