Double Woven Wire Screen

Wire screen structure:

Double crimped type is usually named plain weaving. Both the warp wire and weft wire are woven directly by straight wire. It is rigid construction by evenly crimp in warp and weft wire.The wire are under crimped and sprung together so giving a tight mesh. It is optimum bending strength and excellent stability.

Double Woven Wire Screen Material:  carbon steel wire,high spring steel wire, manganese steel wire and stainless steel wire(304,316).

Double Woven Wire Screen hole size: 2.0 - 80.0 mm

Double Woven Wire Screen Wire diameter: 0.8 - 10 mm

Double Woven Wire Screen dimensions: as required by customer, in rolls or formats

Installation instructions:
The screen is installed with using of tensioning metallic bars into a separator over different types of hook strips, further with using of side bars and wedges, possibly is fastened into a frame.

Double Woven Wire Screen Features:
Optimum bending strength
Varied lengths
Require less maintenance
excellent stability.

High tensile screen cloth is commonly used in heavy duty applications for scalping and sizing of rocks,aggregates,limestone,etc.
They are weaved in sizes to suite most vibrating screens and available in:
* High Tensile Steel---Abrasion resistance
* Stainless Steel---Corrosion resistance
* Monel,Brass,etc---General applications

Hook Types:

Plain Hooked Edge
Without  Reinforcing, Edges are annealed before forming to eliminate cracking and breakage. Technical data R≥6, a=60°, H≥35mm, wire diameter common above 6mm to choose this edge.

Inside Reinforced Formed Edge
This hook edge type is utilized for screen mesh wire diameter 4mm or less than 6mm.  Technical data:  a=60°, H=25mm,L=25mm.

Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

Provided as standard on screens up to 6.0mm wire diameter. Standard shrouding is 16 gauge with other thickness' available on request. Technical data: a=45°or 60°. plate thickness can be required.

End Tension Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge
Specially reinforced to prevent pull-out under extreme screen tensioning. Also available in Double Reinforced Style. Plate thickness can be required.

Double woven wire screen
 is packed Inside with moisture-proof paper and other materials which doesn't affect the quality of product's surface,outside with wooden cases or wooden pallets.