Lock Crimped Vibrating Screen Mesh

Lock Crimped Structure:

Lock crimped type also is  pre-crimped. he warp wire and weft wire are both crimped, can assure the spacing of the wires. This structure ensures that there is no wire movement. So the wires will be lock good at the intersections.

Lock vibrating screen Mesh Weave Type: 
Single intermediate crimp screen, double intermediate crimp screen

Lock vibrating screen Mesh  Hook type:

Plain Hooked Edge
Without  Reinforcing, Edges are annealed before forming to eliminate cracking and breakage. Technical data R≥6, a=60°, H≥35mm, wire diameter common above 6mm to choose this edge.

Inside Reinforced Formed Edge
This hook edge type is utilized for screen mesh wire diameter 4mm or less than 6mm.  Technical data:  a=60°, H=25mm,L=25mm.

Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge

Provided as standard on screens up to 6.0mm wire diameter. Standard shrouding is 16 gauge with other thickness' available on request. Technical data: a=45°or 60°. plate thickness can be required.

End Tension Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge
Specially reinforced to prevent pull-out under extreme screen tensioning. Also available in Double Reinforced Style. Plate thickness can be required.

Lock vibrating screen Mesh  Application:
Crimped wire mesh is used as fence or filters in a lot of industries; Heavy Duty Crimped wire mesh are also named Quarry Mesh, it is mostly used as screen in mining, coal factory.